On Friday's Chad Hasty Show, Representative Randy Neugebauer (R) joined the show to talk with Chad about the multiple trade agreement negotiations recently in the news, having been placed in "fast track" status. News of the different agreements have many citizens greatly concerned, but most details and differences in the agreements are unknown to most people.

Neugebauer addressed those concerns, and explained what the different agreements and bills actually are, and why so many people are disturbed by some of the secrecy surrounding the negotiations.

On whether or not details of the T.P.P. (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement will be know to the public before it is voted on, Neugebauer said,

"The legislation is extremely, ah, clear. It will be publicly available at least sixty days in advance, and when we say publicly available, we mean it's publicly available.

Asked by Hasty about congress' ability to approve or disapprove President Obama's negotiations, Neugebauer said,

I think, ah, there's lots of checks and balances in this.

Neugebauer also addressed the recent shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, and the President's comments on the event, saying,

Every time, you know, there is a crime where a gun is used, you know, it just allows the President to come out and, you know, to keep promoting his anti-gun, policies. One of the things we have to be on guard up here, quite honestly on a regular basis, is watching this administration, you know, whether it's, you know, trying to ban guns, trying to ban certain types of ammunition, but, I thought the President should have come out and said 'It's a terrible tragedy', but he had to mix politics with it.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Randy Neugebauer in the video box above.

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