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Cornyn Teams Up With A Democrat On Gun Background Checks
You don't always see Republicans and Democrats working together in Washington, D.C. these days, and when it comes to gun issues, you hardly ever see Republicans and Democrats working together. Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn and Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy are reportedly working together to strengthen background checks on those who purchase firearms...
Joe Biden Lies About Guns and Gun Shows
President Joe Biden on Thursday announced his executive orders on gun control. As I expected yesterday, nothing he announced today would stop gun violence or mass shootings. Instead it was just an attack on the 2nd Amendment and the freedoms we love...
Biden Takes Aim On The 2nd Amendment On Thursday
President Joe Biden will be unveiling his executive orders on gun control Thursday at the White House. One executive action that has leaked deals with so-called ghost guns. According to POLITICO, Biden’s executive order will direct the administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of ghost guns, guns that lack serial numbers because they are homemade, to go through background checks... R
Biden Would Much Rather Focus On Gun Control Than The Border
Remember when the media was starting to talk about the crisis along the United States-Mexico border? Joe Biden is dealing with a crisis of his own doing on the United States-Mexico Border. Not only have Republicans noticed but the Democrats and their national news allies have as well...
The Second Amendment & Expanded Background Checks
District 19 Representative Jodey Arrington on The Chad Hasty Show discussing the reason the Second Amendment is in the Constitution, mass shootings, "red flag laws" and expanded background checks for firearms sales, as well as trade and agriculture producers in the U.S.

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