I had the honor of interviewing former Texas Tech basketball player Norense Odiase heading into the Red Raiders clash against the Texas Longhorns on Tuesday, February 1st.

Odiase has a wealth of knowledge about the current program because he played under Mark Adams and of course those seasons he was also playing under current Longhorns coach Chris Beard. We were able to ask Odiase about specific moments in his career, the transition from Tubby Smith to Chris Beard, the Adams behind the scenes and so much more.

I don't say this lightly, or because of my interview prowess, this is a must-listen for Red Raiders everywhere.

Odiase sheds light on the National Championship appearance, Keenan Evans' Second Half miracles, and the exact moment he found out Chris Beard was leaving for Austin.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

At the end of the interview, Odiase urges fans to be raucous but to remember the legacy and culture of Texas Tech and the basketball program. That sentiment was echoed by head coach Mark Adams this afternoon in his media availability.

Norense Odiase will go down as one of the most influential Red Raiders of all time due to his leadership on and off the court during those two runs to the Elite 8 and beyond. Odiase uses that leadership ability now as part of his Mind Bully podcast that emphasizes mental toughness focusing on your thoughts.

While you're here, take a walk down memory lane through Odiase's storied Red Raider career.

A Glimpse at Norense Odiase's Incredible Career at Texas Tech

Norense Odiase was a tremendous leader and a pivotal piece to both Elite 8 appearances and the National Championship appearance. One of the most underrated Red Raiders of all-time. Here's a look back at his career in the scarlet and black.

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