Texas Tech quarterback Pat Mahomes is arguably the best QB in the Big 12. He can also throw 65 yard bombs...from his knees.

"I told him it was gonna be easy" - Pat Mahomes.

It's that confidence that propels him to the next level of play. Believing you can make every play allows you to make a lot of them when you have talent.

Granted, the knee throw won't be legal during the regular season, but there is always this tool he can pull out of the box:

Kliff Kingsbury has repeatedly said this is the most talented team "by far" that he's coached since being here. A lot of that has to do with this being the first off-season free of QB controversy with Pat Mahomes taking all the snaps with the first team during spring football by forgoing his sophomore season of baseball.

There is also a receiving core that will be much bigger on the outside and more experienced on the inside, sans Jakeem Grant. It sounds counter intuitive but the receiving corps will be much improved in 2016.

I can't wait for Texas Tech football season.

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