As of this writing, Mark Adams hadn't yet been formally announced, coronated, sworn-in or otherwise as the new King of West Texas, AKA Texas Tech Head Men's Basketball Coach. But according to our sports gurus Rob Breaux and Ryan Hyatt from Talk 1340, as well as Texas Tech Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt himself, it's a done deal.

Hocutt confirmed the rumors late Monday afternoon on Twitter:

So, coach...congratulations. Here's to never having to pick up a check in Lubbock for the rest of your life.

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But who can forget the scene last week when local businesses fell all over themselves to keep a clearly unmoved Chris Beard from leaving, offering him everything from free beers, wings, barbecue, and, yes, hemorrhoid banding. Once the former coach left, it was suggested that the booty of treasures be made available to the fans via charity auctions or other means.

However, since Coach Adams has proved his loyalty to the program, to the fans, and to Lubbock, it only makes sense to do the right thing after naming him head coach and give him ALL THE FREE STUFF!

Glad to see that Two Docs Brewing has already stepped up to do the right thing. No, the new head coach should never have to pay for a pint of Buddy Hoppy IPA. Then again, neither should I, but that's another article for another day.

Also, Blue Sky Burgers on 98th Street is getting into the act as well.

Free beer and free burgers for life...WHERE DO I SIGN THIS DEAL??

So hook the man up with his free beer, barbecue and wings. However, about that whole hemorrhoid banding thing...yeah, I think we're good there.

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