Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez took to Facebook Thursday (April 16) to voice his opposition to SB 185, calling its author, Sen. Charles Perry, a racist.

The legislation authored by Perry has been called the Sanctuary Cities bill. Supporters of the legislation say that SB 185 prohibits local government entities from failing to enforce immigration laws.

Councilman Hernandez calls SB 185 an "act of terrorism" and wrote that the bill would be waging war on people of Latin American descent. Below is the full Facebook post from Councilman Victor Hernandez.



Senator Perry,

In the strongest terms possible, I am expressing my opposition to Senate Bill 185, better known as the Texas Sanctuary Cities Legislation.

The time for being politically correct has passed. Your extremist viewpoint, as evidenced by your proposed legislation (SB185), has made Lubbock, Texas ground zero for hatred and intolerance.

The time for half measures has come to an end. In the simplest of terms, SB185 is an act of terrorism against the Hispanic community. In my estimation, the practical effect of SB185 will be the waging of a war on fellow Texans of Latin American descent based upon their complexion, surname, accent, hair color, eye color, etc…

The time for politeness has expired. SB185 is but a pretense for outright racism and bigotry.

Logically, it follows that you, by virtue of authorship of SB185, are a bigot and a racist. Furthermore, you are unchristianly and have no place in the Texas State Senate. As such, I am apologizing to all throughout Texas and the United States, who are offended by your prejudicial antics.

Equally important is the projected economic impact which SB185 will have on Texas. Current and future tourism dollars and capital investments by national and international companies are being placed at risk. Although potential negative economic impacts are being stated here, it is my understanding that you could care less. This callous attitude is a disservice to the People of the State of Texas.

Make no mistake, I am livid. People of goodwill, of all races and ethnicities, are equally upset with you, with your Tea Party and with the vileness being spewed forth.

Normally, I would close such a communiqué with a plea. However, I know your deafness is as unchanging as your heart. Instead, I will close by stating the obvious; the Hispanic community will not allow itself to be purged from the face of Texas.

Victor Hernandez
City Councilman, District 1
City of Lubbock

Travis McCormick, spokesman for Senator Charles Perry, responded to Hernandez's post, saying:

It is disappointing to see Mr. Hernandez once again release a divisive statement rather than engaging in a productive policy discussion on the issues important to the people of Texas.

Our bill does nothing more than instruct entities to obey laws we currently have on the books.

This is not the first time Councilman Hernandez has waded into the issue of race and state politics.

In March 2014, Hernandez made headlines when he accused then-candidate for Governor Greg Abbott of using props to reach out to the Hispanic community. Hernandez denied calling Abbott's wife a prop according to Breitbart Texas.

Abbott held a rally at the Jimenez Bakery in Lubbock where Hernandez said Abbott wasn't invited.

“Abbott came into our house uninvited…Wanting to somehow give the illusion that the Lubbock County Hispanic Community is supportive.”

Hernandez continued, “He’s using props, really, in my viewpoint is disrespectful to our community… What he needs to do is go beyond the props of a background of a Mexican restaurant, and actually come to our community.” He then clarified, “I don’t really want to say a whole lot about his wife, because this really isn’t about his wife. It’s about her husband.”


Abbott held a rally at the Jimenez Bakery in Lubbock where Hernandez said Abbott wasn't invited.

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson later wrote an apology to Abbott for Hernandez's remarks.

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