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The debate over abortion has grabbed the spotlight in Lubbock. Planned Parenthood reportedly is looking at moving back into Lubbock. The organization left Lubbock in 2013. Job postings for Planned Parenthood show they are looking to hire for five different positions in Lubbock. Those positions include 2 certified medical assistants, a clinician, health care manager, and a philanthropy officer.

After hearing about the re-opening of a Planned Parenthood location in Lubbock, Texas State Senator Charles Perry, along with Representatives John Frullo and Dustin Burrows sent a letter to Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope and the rest of the Lubbock City Council, calling on the council to pass an ordinance that would make Lubbock a Sanctuary City for the unborn.

The ordinance would not ban Planned Parenthood from operating in Lubbock, but it would ban abortion in the City of Lubbock unless a mother's life is at risk.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope joined KFYO last week to discuss his re-election bid and the proposed ordinance. In that interview, Pope would not commit 100% one way or the other but also alluded to the City Council trying to stay in it's own lane.

While speaking about calls to have Lubbock designate itself as a "sanctuary city" for the unborn, and the many similar requests the city receives on various controversial issues, Pope said,

That's not the lane that we need to be in. We need to do the things that we were elected to do: Provide police and fire services, make sure that our parks are maintained, make sure that we take care of our streets, do the things that citizens elect us to do...I look forward to what we hear from our city attorney's office, and we'll decide what the next step is.

Texas State Senator Charles Perry joined The Chad Hasty Show the following day explaining how pro-life the measure is and that the ordinance is the same one that has survived 7 different challenges and that an attorney is ready to defend the City of Lubbock at no cost. You can listen to that interview here.

Do you think the Lubbock City Council should pass the ordinance? Let us know in today's poll.


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