"Money or blood." It's a simple concept, really. But if this new motto is fulfilled, the 2015-2016 Texas Tech defense should get any Red Raider fan worth their salt excited.

Texas Tech cornerback Justis Nelson said the "806 D" motto was something this year's defense could rally around, but there is a new way of expressing the style of play Texas Tech hopes to make synonymous with their identity this season.

"The new motto for our defense now is MOB," Nelson explained to 1340 The Fan. "MOB -- that stands for money or blood. We're either gonna get paid or get some wins on the field, or we're gonna die out there."

As a whole, last year's defense left a lot to be desired. Routinely gashed by good running games, teams could keep what was supposed to be Tech's potent offensive attack on the sidelines with ungodly success on the ground.

Ashley Wirz, 1340 The Fan

In large part, this left a cloud over the entire unit, causing what is actually a uniquely talented and deep group of defensive backs to be lost in the shuffle.

They were labeled with the same poor stigma that was attached to many of the more struggling facets of last year's squad.

However, when asked about whether or not it was time this underrated secondary started getting the credit they deserve, Nelson said he prefers to fly under the radar.

"I prefer it that way, you know. We work hard, we've been workin' hard all summer," he said. "I guarantee you'll see improvements when fall comes around. We're on the field constantly getting extra work, we got a lot of depth now, young guys, a few other people that got their red shirts over with now. So ya know, we have a lot of guys that are gonna come in and make plays for us."

At the end of the day, this is a scorned team that was shamed last year by a 4-8 campaign. If I was a betting man, I'd say whoever gets an opportunity to play is going to put it all on the line. Money or blood.

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