Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin the Republican candidate for Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 2 Jason Corley joined Dave and Matt to talk about the County Commissioner's decision yesterday to approve a new contract with a different software company which you can read a story about written by Andrew Coats.

After September of 2019, Lubbock County's contract with KiCorp will expire, at which point, they will likely sign a contract with Tyler Technologies for new software for an integrated justice and information management system. Lubbock County would pay $6.9 million upfront to Tyler Technologies with an additional $500,000 a year. The large cost for the technology comes from the number of people of using it, as well as the fact that this would be custom created software just for Lubbock County. This system would cover information, such as casefiles, to easily go from the sheriff's office, to the county clerk's office, to the DA's office. "It's supposed to make a very seamless transition," Jason explained. Where Corley's hesitation comes in is the fact that they would have to transfer the existing data from KiCorp to Tyler Technologies, and would likely have to pay both companies at the same time.

"My biggest concern with this entire process has been the fact that in the KiCorp contract with Lubbock County it does not specify a dollar amount that KiCorp can charge Lubbock County for that conversion fee. So to me, if it's not written in there, that means it's negotiable. It's debatable and the sky's the limit."

Corley believes that the county commissioners should sign a new contract with KiCorp for one year, and in that time they come to an agreement with the company on how much they are willing to spend for the conversion.

Watch the full interview with Jason Corley in the video above.

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