On the Tuesday edition of KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock County Commissioner Jason Corley joined Dave and Matt to talk about roads that need to be worked on in Lubbock, a previously passed 100 million dollar bond, yesterdays Commissioner court meeting, the progress on the Lubbock County Expo Center, and more.

The Commissioner started the discussion by talking about what roads need to be worked on in Lubbock. Corley explained that in 2019, Lubbock passed a $100 million bond that was not meant to be spent all at once, but instead to be spent like a line of credit, and so that will help with construction. Jason said that Woodrow road is currently a concern, and was even a concern 20 years ago when he was in high school at Cooper. He explained that they plan to turn the road into at least a 4 lane road, and that that process will be done in 2 phases, with the first being from I-27 to Indiana, and then Indiana to Slide road, and that the project will cost about $40 million. Corley said, "You've got a lot of growth exploding in Lubbock, and south Lubbock county, and we're just trying to keep up. It's cheaper in the long run to stay out ahead of your growth than it is to get behind."

Another topic of discussion was the Commissioners Court meeting yesterday. Corley said that the main topic in the meeting was to find a replacement for Ann Marie Carruth. He explained that they had 18 people apply for the position, and that they saw a lot of great experience with the candidates. Corley thanks everyone who came forward, and said that they decided to go with Ben Webb.

Corley was also asked how the progress is going on the Lubbock County Expo Center. Jason explained that things are moving slowly but surely, but that he is glad that they did not have it open during the worst of this pandemic, as it would have been a lot of money lost. The Commissioner talked about some of the citizens on the citizen board that were appointed by the court to work on the project, and explained that those citizens will work in 4 year terms that will then rotate. When asked what the building will look like, Corley explained that all he can say for now is that it will be a metal building with an 80 acre parking lot, and that it will have to be built in phases as they keep an eye on their budget.


Watch the full interview with County Commissioner Jason Corley in the video above.

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