Lubbock County Commissioner Jason Corley joined The Chad Hasty Show on Monday to discuss the future of the Lubbock County Expo Center. Corley talked about the development agreement that Lubbock County entered into with the Lubbock County Expo Committee.

Corley also discussed the timeline for construction, the cost, and where the Expo Center will be located at. Corley dismissed suggestions that the Expo Center be built at the Fair Grounds saying that the location would be too small and would not allow for growth.

Corley also said that the project may be built in phases depending on funding.

Here's what we want, here's what we can afford. Part of that is through phasing. Do you have to build the entire thing right off the bat? Can you build the arena then wait a year or two to build the expo halls? How can you structure this thing so you can get everything Lubbock County needs as the money comes in?

Listen to the entire interview above.

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