The Lubbock County Commissioners Court on Monday (Sept. 17) approved a contract with a software company.

Tyler Technologies has been contracted for a new integrated justice and information management system.

Lubbock County had contracted KiCorp, Inc. since the 1990’s and has decided to change their services.

Commissioner McCay made a statement on the contract, "Over a 5-year period, the county will save approximately $500,000 to $1,000,000. Over a 10-year period, the County will save roughly $8-10 million by making this change. Those are dollars that we can potentially put toward our employees, public safety, roads, etc."

The change from KiCorp to Tyler Technologies was because of the contract expiring with KiCorp, allowing the County to look at different companies to meet growing needs and demands.

Commissioner Flores discussed the previous contract with KiCorp, "We needed KiCorp then, and we could not have progressed to where we are without the commitment and working relationship we have had with KiCorp; however, we knew we had to listen to the needs of our employees, explore different opportunities, and look toward to our future as a County."

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