With Texas Tech’s first official game of the season being just a couple of weeks away, it is time to get into the football mood. For most students, that means figuring out the best way to smuggle tortillas into the stadium on game day.

While it is not advised to throw the tortillas onto the field, because it can lead to our team receiving a penalty, there is still fun to be had within the silly tradition. So, here are six different ways you might see Texas Tech students snaking tortillas into the Jones AT&T Stadium this fall.

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6 Ways Texas Tech Students Smuggle Tortillas into Football Games

Any Texas Tech football fan is familiar with the trend of throwing tortillas onto the field at kickoff. Although the university has banned students from bringing them into the Jones AT&T Stadium, and they have a clear bag policy in place, students still find a way to sneak the tortillas in. These are just a few ways they manage to smuggle them in.

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