Recently, Forbes Advisor released their ranking of the worst U.S. cities for summer travel. In creating this list, they acknowledged three over-arching experiences: city, air travel and driving.

City experience took into account the crime rate, average hotel cost, and number of tourist attractions, among others. Air travel experience looked at the number of delayed flights and the total property loss for passengers. While driving experience involved factors like the number of fatal crashes within a set time frame and average gas prices.

U.S. cities ranked

Forbes ranked Jacksonville, FL as the number one worst city to travel to this summer primarily due to high crime rate, limited parking and percentage of disrupted flights. Number two was Colorado Springs followed closely by Fresno, CA.

For Texas, the first Lone Star State city on the list holds the number 13 spot. That's right, Dallas, TX takes this rank on the worst U.S. cities for summer travel. Forbes' reasoning is due, primarily, to to the struggling driving experience on Dallas roads.

El Paso is not too far on the list at number 15, thanks to the frustrated air travel to and fro. The third and final Texas city within the top 20 is San Antonio at the 20th spot. This one surprised me a little, given the history and attractions of the city, but Forbes claims the city experience is not up to snuff, as it were.


According to Forbes' study, of all the travel insurance purchases in June, 83% were for international trips.

Italy is the top destination for U.S. travelers when venturing internationally.

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