It's summer in Texas! Amidst the increased temperatures and weird seasonal storms, there is another emergence we need to keep in mind: bugs.

Bugs are out and about year round (mostly), but summer is when they REALLY want to say hi. One such insect is the katydid. Named for its infamous "katy did, katy didn't" noise it makes, this large green grasshopper-wannabe is found in environments all across Texas.

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Oh no she katy-didn't!

Katydids are often mistaken for locusts visually, but audibly, they are more akin to cicadas. You know, those fun little noisemakers that we're supposed to see like trillions of this year?

Just like cicadas and crickets, male katydids create a buzzing noise by rubbing their wings together. If you wanted to impress your friends, this is called stridulating and is mostly used by male insects to attract mates.

These vibrations are normally heard in short bursts at up to four at a time. In Texas, the common fork-tailed bush katydid can be found, you'll never guess, in bushes! This is also where the females will deposit their eggs so that in a year, Texas will hear another generation of nighttime orchestras.

Why now?

The reason that these insects are emerging around this time is because, as herbivores, there are a lot of plants and leaves growing around this time of year: a true smorgasbord for these guys.

And yes, they can bite if improperly handled...

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