Every June 14th, the Unites States of America celebrates Flag Day, but what actually is Flag Day?

If you're like me, then when I heard about this holiday I just kinda went along with it, not really knowing what was being celebrated or recognized. Flag Day commemorates the resolution from Congress in 1777 to pass a new flag that would set the colonies apart from those pesky British.

The official establishment of June 14th as Flag Day didn't come around until WWI, in 1916, from President Woodrow Wilson.

Did you know...

Did you know that there have been 27 different iterations of the American flag since 1776? We just happen to live in a time that has seen the longest stretch of the same design since 1960.

Did you know that the last five states to join the union were as follows:

  • 1907 - Oklahoma was the first state entering the union in the 20th century
  • 1912 - New Mexico and Arizona joined the union within a month of each other
  • 1959 - The first non-contiguous state to join: Alaska
  • 1960 - Hawaii added the 50th star on the flag that has flown ever since

Did you also know that the infamous Betsy Ross may not have actually designed the first American flag? She was most definitely a flag maker, but many disagree that she was the American flag's first maker.

It turns out that the real creator of the first American flag is claimed to be one Francis Hopkinson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, that deserves the credit.

As someone who was a little young in 1777, I cannot say for certain which story is correct.

For those curious, the U.S. has an entire flag code depicting how to properly handle and display 'Old Glory'.

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