Kevin McCullar really wants everyone to know that he's totally still in the NBA Draft process, but if he ever pulls out of the NBA Draft process he's totally still doing then he'll play his final season of eligibility at Kansas University for the Jayhawks.

In McCullar, the Jayhawks are getting a 6'6", 205-pound guard who's half hockey goon and half basketball player.


McCullar averaged 10.1 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game last season and had stretches in the past three years where he was Texas Tech's best player. McCullar is an elite defender and one of the top players remaining in the transfer portal.

Texas Tech fans were understandably peeved that McCullar joined the Jayhawks, but to me it didn't matter where he went. In fact, I kind of like that he's transferring in conference.

If McCullar had gone to Gonzaga, there's no opportunity to win the breakup. There would be no closure for Lubbock. Now, McCullar is forced to make a return trip to Lubbock. Of course that's only if he pulls out of the NBA Draft process. (Spoiler alert: his next announcement will be him pulling out of the NBA Draft process.) When McCullar returns to Lubbock, there will be signs and chants full of venom and vinegar in a way that just wouldn't have happened if he returned with Georgetown or anyone else.

Micah Peavy was here for a season, did much less than McCullar did for Texas Tech and got the special treatment in Lubbock when he returned with TCU.

I don't think McCullar will get a Chris Beard level homecoming, but there will be no punches pulled by Raider Riot when the Jayhawks come to the United Supermarkets Arena.

Maybe they can just hold up a giant Jamie Dixon Shoe to give McCullar nightmares.

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