Some say this is the greatest time of the year. March Madness. The Big Dance. Now that Texas Tech has made the NCAA Tournament, we at 1340 The Fan have gotten a little nostalgic.

We've put together a list of 32 of the greatest athletes ever to grace Texas Tech. There are four unique quadrants that will battle before culminating in a showdown for the ages.


I'm not going to tell you how to vote, but do remember this is the Greatest Texas Tech Athlete of All Time, so try and focus on the Texas Tech career beyond what they did after they left Texas Tech.

That being said, vote below once every day. The first round ends this Friday (March 18) afternoon.

The Big 12 Era Football Quadrant

The Basketball Quadrant

The Pre Big 12 Football Quadrant

The Baseball, Track and Soccer Quadrant

Quadrant breakdown

Pre-Big 12 Era Football - Highlighted by heavy favorites Zach Thomas and E.J. Holub, this section of the bracket is a force to be reckoned with. Whoever emerges from this quadrant will have a great shot at winning it all. I think we all remember Zach Thomas, right?

Big 12 Era Football - This era covers the end of the end of the Spike Dykes Era, the Pirate years and the dawn of Kingsbury. Also, one other coach who I can't remember. I think it started with a T. This quadrant has one of the biggest snubs in the entire bracket in Jace Amaro. Maybe if he stayed one more year -- oh, what could have been. Remember, this is Kliff Kingsbury the player, not the coach. Vote accordingly.

Basketball - The Olympics, a National Championship and pro-careers are represented in this quadrant, and that's just Sheryl Swoopes. Darvin Hamm broke a backboard, though! I think whoever leaves this quadrant has a real shot at some upsets in the future. It's also the only group with March tournament experience.

Baseball, Track and Soccer - The 4th quadrant owns the biggest underdogs and the most national championships. All individual championships, but look at Kipyego go. I don't want to short-change this quadrant, but a winner from this section would be a definite upset. And we all know how much Texas Tech loves an upset. If Jonathan Johnson crosses the finish line first, maybe fans will rush the court.