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Holt, Kilian and Freeman Sign Big League Deals
Josh Jung might have gotten the biggest number out of his signing bonus, but several other Red Raiders are signing for well above slot value this week.
Caleb Freeman has signed with the White Sox for $ 150K when a lot of collegiate arms are signing for 10 or 20 K...
Josh Jung is Officially a Texas Ranger
Josh Jung is just weeks removed from a trip to Omaha with the Texas Tech Red Raiders but he's already moving on to the next phase of his career. Jung is expected to report to rookie ball now after signing his contract after being drafted 8th overall by the Texas Rangers last month...
One Red Raider Makes CWS All-Tournament Team
Texas Tech first baseman Cam Warren was named the DH for the CWS All Tournament team after the Vandy Boys wrapped up the season with a National Championship last night.
Texas Tech and Louisville are the only two teams that got a representative on the All-Tournament that didn't play in the final …

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