When Fox Analyst Joel Klatt was asked about Patrick Mahomes he went above and beyond to pontificate on the prowess of the young quarterback.

In the short one minute clip Klatt compared Mahomes to Cam Newton, and said Mahomes is the best Texas Tech quarterback since Kliff Kingsbury. Klatt points to No. 5 to set Texas Tech on a course that exceeds expectation.

John Weast, Getty Images

Klatt praises Mahomes for his size, arm strength and accuracy while setting him up as a pro prospect.

All the Texas Tech conversations nationally are slowly focusing on the Red Raiders Junior Quarterback. Texas Tech doesn't get a lot love because of it's geographic placing and it's history of mediocrity.

So, for a national pundit to throw so much love to a Texas Tech team much less to a specific player is big news for this team and it's potential for 2016.