Full disclosure: I am that ignoramus.

It's all started with a simple text message from a co-worker here. (Some identities are being protected)

Screenshot-Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Screenshot: Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

I looked at the message and had one of those moments where you KNOW you should know who they're talking about, but don't. Rather than bluff my way through, however, I genuinely asked:

attachment-Text 1

Now, I'd imagine that most people in Lubbock know who this man is. But I am a clueless automaton. And that's when the trolling started.

attachment-Text 2

At this moment, Maury Povich is somewhere shouting "That was a lie." It was not, in fact, Texas Tech Football Head Coach Joey McGuire. But I, being dead from the neck up, did not know that, so it continued on the text chain as I encouraged others to have some fun at my expense. Only my ignorance was about to get much worse.

attachment-Text 3

Wait...what? Had I been savagely trolled earlier into believing that the kindly gentleman in the texted photo above was Joey Mcguire when in actuality it was Lubbock's esteemed mayor, Dan Pope?

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You bet your arse, I had.

attachment-Text 4

NARRATOR: "It was not, in fact, Joey McGuire."

At this point, I could only fall back on the idea that I needed to strike first before I get roasted in a very public forum by my fellow co-workers and point the sword of good humor at myself.

attachment-Text 5


attachment-Text 6

Overruled, punk.

So, yeah, living in my own, self-important bubble, I failed to recognize our honorable Lubbock mayor and was cruelly tricked into believing for a moment that he was Coach Joey McGuire. You can see my confusion, right? I mean, there are some similarities as you can see below...right?!

KFYO.com and Baylor Athletics
KFYO.com/Baylor Athletics

Well...maybe not. But they are both incredible gentlemen, and I am incredibly clueless.

I also HATE my co-workers.

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