On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, District 3 councilman Todd Klein talked with Chad Hasty about the latest going on in the City of Lubbock

Last night, the Lubbock City Council met with the Tornado Warning System Task Force to discuss the possibility of re-implementing tornado sirens in Lubbock. Klein said that so far, there are no concrete plans or estimations of costs for the tornado sirens. However, he did say that if the public really wants tornado sirens to return to Lubbock, the council and the parties involved need to start working now to implement them.

Klein also discussed the latest developments with LP&L and the Electric Utility Board. After 5 new appointments were made to the board last week, Klein said that continuing to "wipe the slate clean" like this is a good way to restore people's trust and confidence in the board. He also said he's like to see the problems with LP&L and the EUB resolved quickly, so the council can focus on power in 2019.

"If we need to clean the slate, we'll clean the slate. If there's an opportunity I'm hearing from the public both in public comments to, say, have this investigation, wrap up this investigation and then make your appointments accordingly. That was my preferred position...we've got good people that are serving and have served. It's not an issues of that, but how do we restore trust and confidence? Part of it's going to be the symbolic gesture, if nothing else, of "we hear you and we're going to clean the slate."

Klein also shared his thoughts on texting while driving bans and banning smoking in bars. Councilman Klein will be hosting a coffee with citizens this Saturday, November 16th, at the Market Street location at 50th and Indiana starting at 10:30 AM.

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