Chris Beard did not seem to be in a good mood during 2021's Big 12 Conference Media Days.

The event at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City featured Big 12 basketball coaches and players answering questions from the media. That means Texas' Beard, who defected from Lubbock on April Fool's Day, and Mark Adams, who took over at Texas Tech as head coach following Beard's abrupt departure, likely met face-to-face for the first time since that fateful day.

While it's impossible to know what they may have said off-camera to each other, it's far easier to determine Beard's mood -- at least in the moment a photographer at Sports Radio 810 WHB clicked the below picture, which went viral in Lubbock:

We can't be sure what left Beard looking so miserable, but it definitely brings a weird sense of satisfaction to see Adams with such a big smile on his face while Beard stands there grimacing.

This photo full of happy faces and a grumpy Beard has prompted a slew of hilarious tweets, including some clever edits of the original photo:

Of course, it could just be a bad photo, but that doesn't stop Texas Tech fans from digging into Coach Beard as hard as they can. One of the biggest digs has to be this edit showing what Beard looks like in his true form:

Cropping Beard out of the photo is one thing, but implying that he's a snake takes it to the next level. It's obvious how much disdain many Tech fans have for the former coach.

Not all of the replies are quite as savage as photoshopping a snake's head onto Beard's body. Some just take a lighthearted approach, pointing out how it doesn't look like he fits into the group.

However you feel about Beard, whether you will forever hold a grudge against him for leaving Texas Tech or you're happy for him to move onto a new adventure, it's always entertaining to see Tech fans react to things like this. They love to find any reason to hate on someone, and unfortunately for Beard, until someone else breaks the hearts of the fans as bad as he did, he'll be the target of their anger for a long time.

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