Tuesday night the Texas Longhorns beat the Oklahoma Sooners 80-78 in overtime, sweeping the season series. The Longhorns are now 8-5 in Big 12 play, looking forward to Texas Tech on Saturday, February 19th.

Speaking of Texas Tech, after the overtime victory against the Sooners, Chris Beard had an odd interaction with an OU student.

You can't hear what's said between either Beard or the fan, but there's some alleged confirmation on Twitter.

A user by the name of @groutfitgods claims to be the student in question saying, "It was me" in response to the initial report of Beard confronting a student. @groutfitgods provided additional details on the interaction: "[Beard] said 'does that make you happy saying that when you don't even know me?'" Groutfit said Beard's question was in response to him calling the former Texas Tech men's basketball head coach a "traitor."

If you rewatch the video below, you can see the student reply to that question: "It does."


We really don't know about that particular Oklahoma fan, but the interaction sure made Texas Tech fans happy; they've been calling Beard a traitor for the last 10 months or so. In fact, I'm sure the fine Texas Tech fans and alumni headed to Austin this weekend for the game against the Longhorns sure wouldn't make a huge deal out of this.

Back to Beard...does this guy feel zero remorse for how he left Lubbock? Going back to the week of silence after the loss to Arkansas in last year's NCAA Tournament, there was a flurry of alleged drama between Beard and Texas Tech. With no official communication from either side to the public, message boards were lit up with rumors or hearsay. Then, again with zero communication, Beard left for Texas.

He met UT officials at a McDonald's in Plainview because he knew what he was doing was shady.

Maybe if things had gone differently or if his transition to Texas felt more above-board instead of a shady transaction, folks in Lubbock probably wouldn't hate the guy. Instead, he made a business decision to go back to Austin where he thought it would be easier to win a National Championship and did it in a way where he "screwed" Texas Tech out of a million dollars in buyout money.

But I digress, Beard is the same guy who refused to come out in the United Supermarkets Arena on February 1st until tip-off and when he did, it was with a 7 or 8 man security detail surrounding him. Now, in Norman, he's verbally confronting fans? How did that even happen? Where was his elite bodyguard team to protect him from these vicious verbal violations?

Allow me to dip back into hearsay for a second. There was a report before the Texas Tech vs Texas game in Lubbock that Chris Beard and Mark Adams had a "confrontation" which Adams later clarified was just a conversation where Beard "voiced concerns." I've been told some of those concerns were about his treatment in Lubbock. Beard, allegedly, wondered why Texas Tech didn't roll out the red carpet for him upon his return.

Because you're a traitor, Chris. That's why.

Also, what's with former Texas Tech coaches getting into it with fans after they leave? Remember this:

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