If you are on Facebook it's been hard to miss. People in Lubbock have been posting warnings about blades from box cutters being hidden inside gas pump handles in and around Lubbock. I even got a few emails about it that all read the same.

I am giving everyone a heads up and it needs to be passed on - one of the hands from Levelland was getting gas in Lubbock at the Bolton oil change station and someone had placed the blade of a box cutter in the handle so when he squeezed the nozzle he received a deep cut and required six stitches. The attendant called the police and was told that was the seventh incident in Lubbock alone within the last two weeks. Check the handle prior to squeezing the nozzle.

Sounds scary, but don't worry it's just a hoax. Our friends at KAMC-28 contacted the Lubbock Police who said they have had no reports of the incidents.

Sergeant Jonathan Stewart said Lubbock police have no reports of these incidents and he believes them not to be true.

So the next time you go to the gas station the only thing that should make you worried is how much you will pay at the pump. Which according to Allen Corbin of KFYO, is a little less this week.

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