Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, with the firestorm over 'sanctuary cities' and the San Fransisco murder of Kathryn Steinle still at the top of news cycles across the country, Chad Hasty hammered the cities and government officials who support policies preventing local authorities from enforcing immigration laws.

In reference to a local controversy earlier this year involving Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez and Texas Senator Charles Perry, Hasty said,

...remember, there was legislation, this year, in Austin, that would have outlawed 'sanctuary cities'... did not pass. Hardly gained any movement at all because there were a lot of Republicans that didn't want to touch it. They didn't want to do anything with it. And then you have people like Victor Hernandez who love to play the race card, who came out and called Charles Perry, Texas Senator Charles Perry, who had sponsored anti 'sanctuary cities' legislation, called him a racist and a bigot.

About the murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant who is a convicted felon and had previously been deported five times for crimes in Texas, Oregon and Arizona, Hasty said,

In my opinion, the mayor of San Francisco, who defends this practice, has blood on his hands. And all those who decided, 'yeah let's pass sanctuary cities legislation, let's do that, yeah let's make San Francisco a, a sanctuary. They all have blood on their hands, they're responsible. And all those on the left who continue to defend this practice of having 'sanctuary cities' in this country, you're responsible. You're responsible for what happened.

Listen to more of Chad's thoughts about 'Sanctuary Cities' supporters, as well as listener calls in the video box above.

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