sanctuary cities

War In Mexico
Chad Hasty talks about the second deadliest country in the world, Mexico, and how the violence there demands a secure southern U.S. border.
Dem Fear-mongering
Representative Dustin Burrows on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the deadline looming for getting bills out of the Texas House, and many important items still being worked on. Burrows and Hasty discuss protections for farmers, the new anti-sanctuary cities law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott,…
Abbott's Successes
Matt Mackowiak on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the ongoing battles in Washington over health care reform, and the anti-sanctuary cities legislation newly signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
Sanctuary Cities Law
Patrick Svitek on The Chad Hasty Show discussing the latest from the 85th Texas Legislature, including the likelihood of litigation against 'sanctuary cities' legislation.

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