Texans still favor beer over any other alcoholic beverage, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Each month, the TABC compiles a per capita consumption for distilled spirits, wine, beer, and ale.

Beer still remains king in the Lone Star State, with Texans consuming 1.78 gallons per capita in August. Total tax collections on beer in the state totaled more than $8,902,000, with over 45,994,000 gallons sold last month. Beer’s tax rate is $0.914 cents per gallon.

More than 5,168,900 gallons of ale was sold in August, putting Texans at a per capita consumption of 0.2 gallons. The state collected over $1,023,400, at a tax rate of $0.198 per gallon.

Texans consumed 0.14 gallons per capita of wine, with total August tax collections for wine totaling $901,160 and more than 3,580,650 gallons sold. Wine is taxed at $0.25 per gallon.

Distilled spirits netted the state total tax collections of more than $4,447,500, with per capita consumption at 0.07 gallons in August. More than 1,853,000 gallons were sold last month, at a tax rate of $2.40 per gallon.

The TABC calculates these figures on an estimated state population of 25,883,999.