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Mask up Lubbock! Everyone needs to wear a mask! Please, wear a mask.

If you've been paying attention to Lubbock political figures and health experts, you have no doubt heard the phrases above. Cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in Lubbock and the surrounding areas and the main thing we hear about are masks.

It's not just here locally. Last week, Joe Biden told CNN that he will ask all Americans to wear masks for 100 days.

Yes, we also hear about social distancing and not gathering in groups, but it seems as though reminding Americans to wear masks is top of mind for most officials. The problem? Most people seem to already be wearing masks.

I fully admit that I don't go out as much as I did before the pandemic, but when I do, I easily notice 90-95% of people around me wearing a mask or face shield or sometimes both. I can't be the only one right?

Last week on The Chad Hasty Show, I had listeners text in what they have noticed and many agreed that most people they see at grocery, big box, and local stores are wearing masks.

The City of Lubbock will have another press conference on Tuesday regarding the pandemic and as of this writing, I have no idea what they will say, but I bet they will remind people to wear masks. If most people already are, does the messaging get lost?

What have you noticed in Lubbock? Are most people wearing masks? Let us know in the poll below.



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