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Here we are for Round 2.

I initially got hit by the big nasty virus back in November 2020. I guess I got it from going to Walmart or something, because at this time I wasn't exactly going out and doing things very much. I still don't, really.

My first go-around sucked. My throat felt awful, I had a terrible cough, I was sweating constantly and had chills, and my whole body was aching. I luckily never lost my sense of taste or smell, but the experience was still miserable.

I was a decently healthy 23-year-old dude, so I got over it and was able to get back to the grind in a couple weeks. However, the effects lingered for quite a bit. I'm pretty sure it permanently jacked with my immune system because for about half a year afterwards, I would get sick every month. Not fun.

Flashforward to June 2022. I'm older, wiser and apparently still have a trash immune system. I only had to go to one concert and somehow got it again even though I'm vaccinated. My partner, who went with me to the same show, didn't get it, so I'm a little envious of them to say the least.

I didn't have the chills or as bad of body aches, but my throat again felt terrible and the coughing was even worse. Most nights I wasn't able to fall asleep for hours because my coughing and congestion wouldn't let me get comfortable at all. Again, I didn't lose my smell or taste. Weird, but I'll take any small victory in this regard.

So here I am, back at work and getting to it. Do I feel amazing? Nah. I have a residual cough, which is normal after having Covid-19, but other than that I'm mostly fine. I'm just tired of having my life uprooted once again by this stupid virus. Who knows what new long-term effects it'll have on me this time? I can't wait...

Even though I'm alive, I humbly ask y'all to get vaccinated if you can. This virus sucks and I wish it on no one. The time off from work sounds nice, but the trade-off is not worth it.

Stay healthy, everyone.

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