As the start of Texas Tech’s Basketball season approaches, some fans are still upset about the whole Chris Beard debacle. I think it is time to show some love for our new head coach, Mark Adams.

I understand how much it hurt to see Coach Beard go. He was an amazing coach that Texas Tech fans adored and never wanted to see go, but he had other plans. He received an offer to coach at his alma mater, and of course, he had to take it.

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While many Texas Tech fans felt like a door was slammed in their face, it really was the opening of a new door full of opportunities for our team. Mark Adams being named the new head coach of the Texas Tech basketball team really shines some hope into an otherwise dreary situation.

Whether you're still mourning the loss of Coach Beard or you just want to know how Coach Adams can lead your beloved team to victory, here are 8 reasons why Texas Tech basketball is better off with Adams as their head coach:

8 Reasons Texas Tech Basketball is Better Off With Mark Adams as Their Head Coach

Here are 8 reasons Mark Adams will be an amazing head coach for the Texas Tech men's basketball team.

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