Announcing that you're expecting a new baby can be exciting and also a little overwhelming, especially if you're the one breaking the news to everyone.

You want everyone to be excited about the news. More importantly, if you already have one child, how do you tell them the news and keep them excited about not being the only child anymore?

I am the oldest child in my family. With my sister Julia, I don't remember how my parents shared the news of a new baby with me. I was only about three years old at the time. With my youngest sister Jenna, I definitely remember that announcement. I was a junior in high school when my mom told my Dad, Julia and I. Having a new baby in the house sounded so exciting, even with the huge age gap.

My husband is the baby in his family. His sister was five when he was born and when he was brought home from the hospital she requested that her mother send him back from wherever he came from!

So when is the right time to tell your only child you're expecting? Here are some tips I have found to be very helpful.

The Lone Star Mommy is Jessica Paggett, who works behind-the-scenes on KFYO’s Morning Show, Lubbock’s First News with Tom Collins and Laura Mac. Read more of her blogs.

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    Wait until after the first trimester

    Risk of miscarriage declines after the first trimester. You don't want to tell your child you're expecting a new baby, then have something happen and have to explain that to your child. It can be difficult to understand, especially for young children.

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    Wait until you're starting to show

    It's hard for children to imagine you're growing a baby in your tummy if your body still looks the same as it did before you were pregnant.

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    When to announce the news publicly

    It is better to tell your child at the same time you tell your family and friends. You don't want your child having to keep a secret from grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. On the flip side, you don't want your child hearing the news from someone other than you.

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    Symptoms before announcement

    If you're having symptoms before you're ready to announce, it's OK to tell your child that you're not feeling well. This keeps your child from associating the new baby to making mommy sick and making it so 'she can't play with me.'

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    Don't announce during stressful times

    You don't want to tell your child when he or she is going through a transition period (i.e. starting school, moving to a new home or getting over an illness).

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