I’ve always heard no two pregnancies are ever the same, and I never really believed it until I experienced it myself.

With my son, I never experienced morning sickness and was constantly eating. By the time I was 16 weeks, I was noticeably pregnant. I was soft-spoken and very sensitive, but strong-willed.

This pregnancy has been a little more difficult on me. I’m going on 16 weeks and I am constantly battling all-day sickness. Foods that I love no longer sound appealing and my mood is completely different. I have yet to gain one pound this time around.

My son is so excited about having a baby brother or sister, but reality hasn’t really set in for me yet. Although I have heard the baby’s heartbeat and had my first ultrasound, this pregnancy hasn’t really felt real to me. I keep thinking maybe it’s because I haven’t felt the baby move yet.

We’ve been busy preparing at home pulling everything out of storage and trying to figure out what we need this time around.

I’m beginning to wonder when will all the stress and anxiety go away and the excitement begin. Does this make me a bad mother? I guess my main concern is, I love my son so much and I worry about if I’m going to be able to love two kids equally.

The best advice I have received on this was from a very dear friend of mine. She told me when the new baby gets here it’s like you instantly grow another heart, one for each of your children.

The Lone Star Mommy is Jessica Paggett, who works behind-the-scenes on KFYO’s Morning Show, Lubbock’s First News with Tom Collins and Laura Mac.

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