On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Scott Mann from the Sandstorm Scholar, spoke with guest host Carl Tepper about politics in Lubbock.

Man''s blog, The Sandstorm Scholar, has been gaining popularity recently due to its exclusive focus on Lubbock news and politics. Mann said he really enjoys writing about local politics, because it's the only kind of politics that people can really affect.

One of the biggest issues affecting Lubbock is the LP&L bidding process. According to Mann, LP&L CEO Gary Zheng has only met with two the top 5 bidders for a power contract through 2019 and beyond. LP&L staff has recommend that one of the two bidders, Alpine Energy Group (AEG), should be awarded that contract.

However, Mann pointed out that AEG has had a horrible track record of not finishing what they started and don't even have any experience with developing projects or power.

"This particular vendor...has no complete, through beginning to end, experience in project development and power generation. Not any. Zero, as one source I talked with said. And if you look at their webpage, and the references for this are in the latest Sandstorm article, you'll see that that's exactly what they say. They have no experience in this. They are a building inspector, if you will.

Mann went on to say that they're last major project in the Virgin Islands was fraught with secrecy, inconsistencies, and poor planning, very similar, he says, to what's going on now with LP&L.

Mann also shared his thoughts on the Lubbock city council and the Victor Hernandez recall election. To keep up with the Sandstorm Scholar and his stories, visit his website at sandstormscholar.com or follow him on Facebook.

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KFYO Scott Mann Interview 10/30/13

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