On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas governor candidate Tom Pauken spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for governor of Texas.

Throughout his campaign, Pauken has been advocating for an end to the "top-down, big business" model of government and a return to true grassroots conservatism. He said that, with liberals running the government and trying to get into Texas, it's more important than ever to have grassroots politics in the Governor's office.

"We've got to build a team from the grassroots up. This top-down business where everybody's supposed to salute and go along to get along and it's business as usual. That's not good enough in dealing with the challenge we face of an aggressive leftist crowd that is coming into our state. They've taken other states, they obviously have taken the national government with the most liberal regime in American history, and Texas has a target on its back."

Pauken also shared his thoughts on term limits, and said he is in full support of term limits for the offices of President, Governor, and Lieutenant Governor, among others. He explained that the longer a politician remains in office, the further they distance themselves from their constituents, and in the case of the office of governor, 2 years in office is long enough.

Tom Pauken will appear at the LCRP Executive Committee Meeting tonight, September 10th, at 6 PM in Slaton, Texas. Representative Charles Perry will also be in attendance, and the public is invited to attend. For more information on Tom Pauken and his campaign for Texas Governor, visit his website at tompaukenfortexas.com, or visit him on Facebook or Twitter.

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