On this week's edition of the Did You Know Show, Texas governor candidate Tom Pauken spoke with host Ysidro Gutierrez about his plans for the governorship.

Tom Pauken is the former chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission,and also worked for the Goldwater campaign and the Reagan White House. He said one of his major platforms is the reformation of public education. Pauken added that, if elected, he would reduce the emphases on testing in Texas, restore control to the local school districts, and encourage students to look at options other than college.

"College, per say, is not an automatic ticket to success and we've just go to recognize that kids have different interests. So let's adapt our education for the needs of the area. What's of concern in the Lubbock area, for example, is sure not the same as in Beaumont, taxes. Let's recognize that and not try to dictate everything from either Washington D.C. or Austin, Texas."

Pauken added that, especially in West Texas, he would like to encourage more students to look into careers in the agriculture and energy fields straight out of high school, saying that there are plenty of opportunities for young people who want them.

Pauken also spoke about his stance on abortion, saying that he has been pro-life even since his days in the Reagan White House. He also spoke about the differences between him and his opponent, Texas attorney general Greg Abbott, saying that Abbott's more interested in "picking winners and losers," than focusing on true conservative principles. Pauken also took caller questions on topics such as Pauken's military experience, his stance on campus carry and open carry, and

For more information on Tom Pauken's campaign for Governor of Texas, visit his website at tompaukenfortexas.com. Listen to the full interview with Tom Pauken here:

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