On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas governor candidate Tom Pauken spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for governor of Texas.

One of Pauken's biggest platforms is the topic of education, and he outlined what he would like to see changed in Texas education if he is elected. Pauken explained some of the changes he'd like to see including more emphasis on vocational training, returning control of the school to the local level, and eliminating restrictive "teaching to the test." He added that he wants to see Texas become a leader in education reform.

"I want to undo the federal control of education, and Texas can lead the way. Because unfortunately, we led the way in the wrong direction with this push to nationalize control over public education. So my focus is going to be on trying to work with the public educators, work with the local districts, and also makes sure that home schools...are state-free and independent and are able to do their job as they currently are."

Pauken also talked about his Democratic opponent, Senator Wendy Davis, calling her a "San Francisco" Democrat and criticizing her views on the 2nd Amendment. He said that constitutional rights in the U.S. have been slowly "eroding" away, and that it needs to be stopped. He added that Texas needs to remain a strong, conservative state and that he would like to take back the leftist "enclaves" in Texas, like San Antonino.

He also shared his thoughts on Proposition 6 of the Texas constitutional amendments, saying that although he understands the intent of the amendment, he has mixed feeling about it dislikes the way the bill is structured and would like to see it re-structured if he is elected.

For more information on Tom Pauken and his campaign for Texas Governor, visit his website at tompaukenfortexas.com, or visit him on Facebook or Twitter.

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