On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, candidate for Texas Governor Lisa Fritsch talked with Chad Hasty about her campaign for Governor.

Fritsch said that she has grown up conservative and has been a Republican advocate since college. She explained that the Democrats has been deceiving the black community and has effectively won the "war on racism," and now they are aiming to win the "war on women" with those same lies. Fritsch believes that the Republican party should be more active in reaching out to the black communities and offering them an alternative to government handouts.

"It's not just because I'm a black woman. It's also because I have better ideas about how the Republican party needs to be more inclusive to these communities who share our values, but have been rejecting us because they haven't understood where we're coming from. And my point is that it's not good enough for the Republican party to continue criticizing the left for going into these communities and giving their fish away until we step up and be the teachers of people how to fish. And that's exactly what my campaign policies do."

Fritsch also talked about some of the things she plans to do if elected Governor. One of those items is a micro-finance plan that she explained would help more impoverished areas in the state start up small businesses. Fritsch also seemed to be in favor of school choice, saying that it should be parents who decide where their kids go to school, not their zip code.

For more information on Lisa Fritsch and her campaign for Texas Governor, visit her website at lisa4texas.com.

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