On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lisa Fritsch, candidate for Governor of Texas, called in to talk about her campaign for Governor and the state of the Republican party.

Fritsch commented on an article from Chad's Morning Brief stating that Republicans seemed to be moving more to the right in this primary season. She said that the Republican Party is struggling right now, but the way to get back on track wasn't to argue about which candidate is farther on the right from the other. She suggested instead that the party get back to the basics of opportunity, faith and freedom and get behind a candidate that can make the party relevant again.

When asked about her run for Governor of Texas, Fritsch said that she has grown up Republican and that it was "painful" for her to watch how the Republican Party has declined.  She explained that the Republican party needs a candidate that can not just speak from experience on topics the left has been harking on Republicans for, like racism and sexism, but can also reach out to the people themselves. She explained that she can be this kind of candidate, and added that she is the only candidate who should take on Democratic challenger Wendy Davis.

"I am the right person and the one uniquely qualified in my party to beat her because we've seen the left win the war on racism and marginalize the Republican party in that battle. Now they've moved on to the war on women, which is sexism. If this party really wants to have a sustainable future, we've got to start electing candidates who can speak from experience on these issues about a woman's health and about sex in these communities, a candidate who is willing...to go to these communities and invest in the young women who are being preyed upon by the left about their lives having value, meaning and dignity."

For more information on Lisa Fritsch and her campaign for Governor of Texas, visit her website at lisa4texas.com.

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KFYO Lisa Fritsch Interview 12/10/13

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