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The Nanny State Is Coming To New Fords & A Top Gear Announcement
Ford is installing new technology that will know speed limits, and will keep drivers from exceeding the speed limit on the new S-Max that is being launched in Europe.
Engadget reports the system uses a camera mounted on the windshield that looks for road signs and automatically adjusts the cars speed…
British ‘Top Gear’ As We Know It Is Over
The most watched automotive show in the world, with around 350 million weekly viewers worldwide, has allegedly lost all of its presenters.
Jeremy Clarkson, the shows main host, was put on administrative leave for allegedly striking a producer of the show...
Who Is Ken Block?
Today, I’d like to introduce readers to Ken Block, probably the most famous American driver that hardly anyone in the United States knows.
Mr. Block is rally/stunt driver, who is currently with Hoonigan Ford Racing. He started rally racing in 2005 in a Subaru WRX STi (a fantastic car that is usually …