When walking around an auto parts store, I’m always amazed at the amount of useless cosmetic junk and bad car gifts that exist. All the random gills, decals, gaudy shifter knobs, Betty Boop floor mats, and other things that will inevitably mar some poor innocent vehicle’s paint job do sell, and strangely enough, some people purchase them for more than just gag gifts.

Speaking as a car guy, unless it’s specifically asked for, car guys like cars, not ugly car adornments and goofy related novelties.

This is a worldwide phenomenon plaguing car fans everywhere, as one article titled “The 10 Worst Car Presents Ever” by Alexandra Margolis by the UK’s Carbuzz blog illustrates.

My favorite bad gifts highlighted in Margolis’ blog are the fake sunroof and the Mercedes perfume. I honestly can’t think of a reason why the fake sunroof exists, and most that have driven Mercedes vehicles of various years knows the true fragrance of Mercedes (and some VWs) is that of crayons.

As always, the Top Gear UK hosts have their own take on bad car-related Christmas gifts as well. It's definitely worth a watch.