South Plains College has announced details on their Fall 2014 photography courses.

KAMC News,

The courses will cover a variety of subjects for enthusiasts of digital photography including a basic class for beginners and various more advanced classes for those looking to add to their repertoire of photography methods. Photography Specialist for South Plains College Wes Underwood will instruct all classes.

The first course, The Reese Center Digital Jump Start, is designed to expose photography enthusiasts to the capabilities and options of modern digital cameras. This course will cost $50 and will take place on September 20, October 4 and November 8.

The Fall Fandango 4 trip will take place beginning at 6 a.m. October 18 with a trip location to be determined. The class is designed to give students of the Jump Start class a chance to shoot on location. Participants of this course must be pre-approved by the instructor. The course will cost $100.

The final two classes are a beginning and advanced studio lighting course. The beginner’s course will take place on November 1 and the advanced will take place November 15, both at a cost of $50.

To register or find out more about any of the courses, contact Wes Underwood at 806-716-2215, or email