This past Tuesday LP&L voted to delay replacing current meters with smart meters. That doesn't mean the issue is dead however. Mayor Glen Robertson has said numerous times that he believes smart meters are the way to go in Lubbock. According to, the decision to delay on smart meters was so board members could be educated.

Board Chairman Greg Taylor said the delay is needed in order to give new electric utility board members time to get educated.
Some Lubbock citizens opposed to smart meters say they pose a security risk, and the city needs to focus on purchase power generation for 2019 instead.
Several board members, including Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson, said he thinks that Lubbock is already behind the technology curve.
“I think the main thing we need is education. … We need our full board to be educated on the smart meter advantages,” Robertson said.
Robertson said he thinks advanced metering will be an easier process that provides on and off switches.
“We've got to do it, it’s a better process,” Robertson said.  “It helps us when we have an outage. It really helps the folks that struggle to pay their bills because with advanced metering we can literally turn them on and off with a switch, and were not sending a truck out to pull a meter.”
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