The teen charged with intoxication manslaughter in a wreck late last month is being sued by the family of the motorcyclist killed in the incident.

The widow of 47-year-old Liandro Garcia has filed a $15 million lawsuit against 17-year-old Jessica Traylor.

This is the second lawsuit filed regarding the incident, which resulted in the death of Garcia and the injury of three others. The first lawsuit was filed this week by Storm Murry and Jane Aland, who were both injured in the wreck.

Alicia Garcia’s lawsuit targets Jessica Traylor, her father, and the Ranch Oaks Apartments. The suit alleges that George Traylor allowed his vehicle to be used by a reckless and incompetent driver, and that the Ranch Oaks apartments did not stop Traylor from drinking at a pool party at the complex.

Traylor was arrested immediately after the April 29th wreck, and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault. Lubbock Police say that she ran a red light while drunk.