This is always a tricky blog to write. Yesterday Lubbock was an ice rink. This morning the conditions I experienced were much improved. That doesn't mean they're great or even good, it just means that, for now,  we're no longer traveling a slippery sheet of icy death.

Rob Snyder,

Snow tends to be your friend after an ice storm and it looks like most of the Hub City saw some snow.  I travel in from I-27 out by the airport, up to Loop 289 and onto 82nd and Quaker. On my trip I experience no slippage, even on the overpasses, until I tried my luck at the off ramp of the Loop and Quaker.  Now keep in mind that these conditions will vary widely as more traffic slushes things up and the conditions may even re-freeze.

At 5:30 a.m.  Lubbock has a little blowing snow and a 30% chance of more precipitation. The chances increase to a 40% chance for tonight.  The high today is not expected to get much about 22 degrees.

If you're reading this before going outside, expect some time to warm up and remove the ice and snow from your car. My usual 20 minute trip took about 25 minutes but once again, things could change at any minute.

So, be very, very careful out there. It's not good, it's only better than yesterday.