In time for the hot summer months, some Lubbock residents will see rate increase of nearly 10% in their power bill.

Customers of Lubbock Power and Light will see a rate increase of 9.7% on their monthly bills which translates to about $7 to $10 more per month for the average customer.

The Lubbock City Council approved the rate increase at their meeting on May 9th in a 6 to 1 vote, with Mayor Glen Robertson voted against the rate increase.

The rate increase is expected to bring in more than $17 million of revenue in a 12-month period.

Some ways to conserve energy while keeping more money in your pocket:

  • Check air filters in air conditioning compressors to make sure its clean to keep your A/C unit from working harder
  • Check your window and door seals to ensure your A/C from escaping outside