An amended grant agreement for the North East Lubbock Community Development Corporation (NELCDC) was passed by the Lubbock City Council before approval was made for the corporation’s FY 2014-2015 budget.

The NELCDC will receive a grant of more than $342,000 in multiple payments through September 2015, with a clause for the city to end the agreement at any time with 30-days written notice.

NELCDC Executive Director Monique Coleman said of the funding and budget approval, “It’s quite simple, it will allow us to continue to operate… We have been functioning for several months now, since October 1st, without funding.”

The grant management agreement and budget narrowly passed with Mayor Glen Robertson, Councilman Jeff Griffith and Councilwoman Karen Gibson dissenting.

Robertson said he wants the NELCDC to succeed but the group is not effective.

I like what they’re trying to do, but 90-95 percent of their funds are going to administration. We’re not seeing actual dollars being invested in the hardest hit areas of our community.”

There was mention by council of possible ongoing investigation into a former NELCDC staff member for potential misappropriation of funds while working for the corporation, but Robertson dispelled the myth by stating the NELCDC itself was not under investigation. He said they contacted law enforcement and called for an investigation, which was good and appropriate management. Robertson also said the investigation into the former member did not affect his vote.

Councilman Victor Hernandez said the NELCDC has been “fraught with issues in the past” but is on its way to becoming a viable, self-sustaining organization.

“This council is for accountability. This council is for transparency,” said Hernandez. “This is a mechanism by which we can accomplish those goals without penalizing the citizens of Northeast Lubbock.”