UPDATED 1:33p, January 31, 2013

ATMOS Energy crews and Lubbock firefighters have stopped a natural gas leak near Texas Tech.  The gas leak occurred around 10:20a today when a 6-inch line was punctured by crews installing fiber optic cable.

ATMOS Energy is now working to repair the gas lines.

Closed off streets and closed businesses near Texas Tech will be reopened soon. Also, electrical power that was shut off in the area due to the gas leak will be turned back on later this afternoon.


Lubbock firefighters are on the scene of a major gas leak near Texas Tech. The leak has been pinpointed to an area near Glenna Goodacre Blvd. and University Avenue.

Lubbock Police have blocked off University Avenue from Broadway to the Marsha Sharp Freeway. Drivers are encouraged to use alternate routes and to plan for extra time if needing to drive to the Texas Tech campus.

Also, pedestrian traffic has been blocked off in the immediate vicinity of Glenna Goodacre Blvd. and University Avenue.

So far, the source and cause of the gas leak hasn't been found.