On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock city council District 3 candidate Maurice Stanley spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign.

Throughout the campaign, Stanley's biggest platform has been city maintenance, and he has a few ideas on how to fund it all. Stanley said he would like to see a percentage of the funds from sales and property tax revenue be used for city maintenance. He also added that he does not expect the repairs to take place all in one year. He says it will be a gradual process, and that this "gateway fund" will be a good starting point.

"Of course, people are concerned in our part of the city about taking care of what we have. And I'm going to drive that message and beat that drum till the cows come home...we want to keep our streets in good shape. We want to keep our city facilities and buildings in good shape. And that's what people are really interested in. And I'm the guy that really pushes that. I've been talking about that for 2 years."

Stanley also spoke about the development of Lubbock. He said that, contrary to what others have said, he is not opposed to city growth. However, he did say he is opposed to annexation, listing the adverse effects it has on water usage and school districts. Stanley also said that he would not be opposed to raising taxes if that is what it took to make the necessary repairs and maintenance Central Lubbock needs.

Early voting for the local elections begins Monday, April 28th, and election day is May 10th. Listen to the complete interview with Maurice Stanley here:

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