On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock city council District 3 candidate Deanne Clark spoke with Chad Hasty about her campaign.

Clark explained that she decided to run because she believes the city council is not listening to the people of Lubbock. She added that there are too many special interests groups behind the scenes backing both councilpeople and candidates alike. She warned that people need to pay attention to who is backing these candidates, and what they have to gain from that candidate being elected to office.

"I think the government should stay out of people's lives and let the people determine for themselves. And...I think they will when they see who's giving to whom, who stands to gain, who has things they want done, and will this councilperson be subject to that because they have taken that money. So it's really back down, as usual, to the people, to the candidate. Get someone you think you can trust to represent you, and not a special interest group and then go ahead and watch the money."

Clark also discussed LP&L, which continues to be a major concern for Lubbock citizens. She said that LP&L is trying to regain the public's trust by showing some of the hidden fees on people's bills, which is a good start. but She also added that people need to hold LP&L's "feet to the fire" and continue to put pressure on them to be transparent. Clark also shared her thoughts on water issues and raising taxes.

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